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How much money do I need to buy? Here is a list of possible buying expenses:

Before Closing
Earnest Money - This accompanies the offer. Usually, $500-$2000. Is applied to down payment at closing.

Home Inspection -Highly recommended before closing. Typically $250-$400. Paid at time of inspection.

Appraisal - Some lenders require buyers to pay for the cost of the appraisal before closing. Typically $350-$450.

Home Owners Insurance Premium- It is common for lenders to require buyers to pre-pay the first year insurance premium. For $100,000 home =approximately $800-$1200

At Closing
Down Payment - Most first time buyers obtain a FHA backed mortgage. The biggest reason is due to the low down payment required. With this type of loan you will need 3.5% down payment. For example: $100,000 purchase price x 3.5%= $3,500 down payment.

Whether you are venturing into the real estate market for the first time as a first time homebuyer or looking to add to your real estate investment portfolio, Jamie has the knowledge and experience to help you every step of the way. 

First Time Homebuyers
Interest rates are at an all-time low, home prices are down making home affordability the highest it has ever been. In most cases, buying is actually cheaper than rent! Now that you have embraced the idea of home ownership, where do you begin?

The experience of working with first time homebuyers throughout the years has taught Jamie that it’s all about having the right team on your side. Jamie has developed a professional network of lenders home inspectors, and title companies to see you through the process.

Most buyers begin their search by aimlessly scouring the internet or driving through neighborhoods only to find a home that looks appealing and have to wait for the listing agent to find time for an appointment.

Furthermore, the listed agent’s primary allegiance is with the seller, not the buyer. Working with Jamie Smith as your buyers agent affords you the luxury of having a real estate professional who is on your side. Most importantly, it doesn’t cost you a thing!

Property Price Calculator
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